KTG Christmas Charity 2021

KTG is creating a charity event during Christmas period. Donations will benefit a charity/organization that YOU will indicate. Look for “Choose your charity” news feed at our facebook and Instagram pages. In the comments, mention your desired charity/organization and enter #KTG_xmas_charisty_2021. The charity/organization with the most referrals until December 24th will be chosen. Do not forget to like and follow our social media pages. The charity event will take place on a day with good weather and the exact date will be announced a few days before, always taking into consideration the forecasts. You can donate however even without actively participating at the event. A special designated box will be available for December 8th at the front desk of the club. During the event, participants will among other have the opportunity to guess the quality of their strokes, with speed and spin measurement technologies, there will be rally and target competitions etc. For our culinary needs we happily accept your sweet and sour creations to partner up our barbeque.

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