Family Cup 2022

The 2022 KTG Family Cup will take place November 2nd to 6th! Join other tennis families and conquer the cup of best tennis family!

Rules: Each encounter is about best of 3 matches, two singles and one double. Each match is to be won in best of three 10p tiebreakers. Initially each family’s number 1 player is facing each other in singles, followed by the number 2 player. Doubles is the last match to be played. Each family has to determine by the end of sign in deadline Tuesday November 1st how many players will be in the family team and the internal ranking. If a family signs up 3 or more players: Number 1 player for a match can be the 2nd ranked if the number 2 player in the following match is the 3rd ranked internally at the sign in. Any player of the team can perform in the doubles. In case of different age or level, the weakest player in a match decides what type of ball is use (orange, green or normal).

According to the number of teams , group matches in round robin format OR single elimination draw will be used. Participation fee for each family is 40€ and includes all matches