Performance athletes are those who have commitment and ability in a sport. There is a difference between potential and talent: both are important in creating the chances of young players to become the champions of the future.

Players can have talent, but may lack the commitment to fulfil their potential or they can have potential, work hard and be committed to the sport; in which case they can learn the skills that appear to exist in a talented player. In the PTR Performance workshop, potential is considered to be the possibility a young player has of becoming a good player if he or she is given the opportunity.
The player has to have:

  • physical ability
  • technical and competitive skills
  • a commitment and love of the game
  • the desire to reach the highest level

The player may not necessarily be winning matches at a young age, but has the commitment and the willingness to work hard and do everything he or she is asked to do. These attributes indicate the potential (not the certainty) for this player to become a high quality player. If the player is also given the opportunity of learning in a high quality performance program with other players with potential, the likelihood increases for that potential to be realised.

KTG's objective is to create an opportunity for these players with the attributes mentioned above to reach and fulfil their potential by delivering a high quality program.

KTG is committed in fostering a positive attitude and is endeavoured to bring out the best in each player.