Dear Friends,

During these days we are facing challenges that affect us like (maybe) never before.

First, our routine is hit hard due to the imposed quarantine which is isolating us.

Secondly, there is a huge fear to get infected by what experts say is a rapidly spreading and aggressive virus.

These challenges might trigger stress which is impacting our physical and mental well-being.

My advice is to build a new routine that is keeping your mind and body in shape. Spend time with gardening, read books, try some new recipes for cooking, spend a lot of quality time with your kids and loved ones and try to avoid spending too many hours in front of the TV or on social media.

To keep your body in shape you can impose yourself a very simple routine: 10min workout in the morning before you have breakfast, and 30min minimum in the afternnoon. There are several videos on youtube with simple exercises according your physical condition. If the weather is good I suggest you take a daily walk or jog outside, as the sun is the best Vitamin D source for our body, reinforcing our immune system. If you want to work on your basic stamina use a HRM-watch (p.ex. Polar, Suunto etc.) and try to stay for 45min in the aerobic phase which is 55%-80% of your maximum heart rate (beginners 55%-65%, intermediate 65%-75%, advanced 75%-80%).

Over the course of time I will give you also tips for your tennis skills, apparently in the beginning we will focus on what you can do from your home.

Today’s Tennis Tip:

Start learning to juggle. Juggling improves your dexterity, patience and coordination skills all three needed from a good tennis player. Here is a simple instructional video:

Take care everyone and be safe.